Product Information

How To Measure For The Correct Size

Pairs of Gates

If you already have in place, timber posts, brick piers or walls from which the gates are to be hung. Simply take the measurements from the inside of the post/pier, wall to the inside of the other. We will supply the gate with clearance for fitting. If post’s are needed then we will need the complete opening size,  from this we will work out what is actually needed. The Total Height is to the Top of the Top Rail, there is an additional decorative Horn which is an approximately 2″ (50mm), on Top of the Total Height. The allowances for fitting is approx 20mm which is suitable for Hook and Band Hinges (which we recommend to take the weight) if you are planning to use any other type of hinge please let us know so we can adjust accordingly.

Garage Doors

Measure the total opening inside the frame. If a frame is required then just measure the total opening size.
We will supply the doors with clearance for fitting. The allowances for fitting is approx 20mm which is suitable for Hook and Band Hinges (which we recommend to take the weight) if you are planning to use any other type of hinge please let us know so we can adjust accordingly.

Ordering Garage Doors with Frame

If you require to purchase a Frame with your Garage Doors, When entering the sizes on to our website, the total opening size will go into the frame size and depending on what timber Frame you would like to purchase your will need to deduct the frame size from the total opening. Below are the sizes of the timbers for the frame with the allowances needed to be taken off.  This size is then entered into the Garage Door size. It can be a little confusing so if you need any help please let us know.

Frame Timber Sizes                                                                   Deductions

69mm x 69mm  (softwood)                                                           140mm off the Width and 70mm off the Height

94mm x 44mm (Cedar, Thermowood and Tanalised)             90mm off the Width and 50mm off the Height

For Example:  An Opening size for Garage Doors and Frame (softwood) is 2134mm Wide x 1981mm High.

Frame Size: 2134mm Wide x 1981mm High

Door Size: 1994mm Wide x 1911mm High

Single Gates and Doors

Measurements on single gates and doors is actual gate / door size required.

Frames Only

If you only need a Frame, just give us the complete opening size you have and we will make to fit.

Product Care and Information

Timber is a natural product which can be affected by weather conditions, it naturally absorbs and gives off water to balance out with its surrounding environment and can be subject to movement and weathering as it seasons. It is quite common for small splits (shakes) to occur. This is nature at work and should not be considered a fault. This is normal not detrimental and will rectify as humidity rises.

There are a few basic tips that can help keep your products looking good for years. Whatever timber you decide.

  • If you are not ready to hang, please treat (untreated softwood) as soon as possible.
  • Keep them stored flat until ready to hang.
  • Remember to treat at regular intervals, or when needed.
  • Pay particular attention to all end grains and joint areas.
  • As the Gates / Doors settle down treat any area around joints or treat / paint cracks that appear.

Kinder Timber Products cannot be responsible for damage caused by the absorption of moisture through inadequate treatment or extreme weather conditions.

Softwood Product Care

We recommend at least 3 coats of a SOLVENT based product, always remember to treat all SIX sides. This includes Front, Back, Both Sides, Top and Bottom.
Do Not use a Water Based Product, as these can cause the timber to reabsorb water and begin to crack and allow rot to set in.
Painting we recommend using a Wood Preserver (Clear) to use as a basecoat before painting (Followed by undercoat and several coats of paint) or staining. This product actively prevents rot and decay.
If you are just staining we would also recommend a product called Creocote which is a creosote substitute and will protect your product from exposure to the outside elements.

Tanalised Product Care

All our Tanalised Timber is Treated using Tanalith E, which is a product containing a Biocidal Product (control of wood destroying organisms)
Therefore the product can be hung without any treatment needed, but over time in outdoor conditions the treatment fade and a ‘Top Up’ will be
Required. We would recommend a Solvent / Oil based product for this. Due to the Treatment Process the timber is quite rustic and can be prone to some movement over time with weather conditions.
Tanalised Timber can be Painted if required but this can only be done once the product is completely dry.

Cedar Product Care

Cedar has a Natural resistance to the outside environment.
It will resist Warping, Twisting and Rot.
Over Time the Timber will weather to a Silvery Grey Colour due to UV Exposure.
Treatment is Recommended to Prolong the colour of the timbers and should be done a couple of weeks of exposure to the outside elements.
If you wish to Paint a Micro-Porous Paint is recommend as this will allow the timber to breath.
Semi-Transparent Stains are usually oil based and are porous to let the timber breath this is more suited to our climate (Hot and Cold).

Thermowood Product Care

Thermowood has now proceeded the Tanalised Timber Thermowood will also outlast the Tanalised timber and has many better qualities, please read the information below or Contact us if you require more information. If you wish to keep the colour of the Timbers and to prolong its life span we would recommend that you Treat with a suitable Exterior Product or UV Oil as the colours will fade over time due to UV exposure. Thermowood can be Painted Stained or Oiled if desired.

Thermal Modification (life span for this product is around 30 Years)

The process involves heating timber to a temperature of 180-220 degrees Celsius which darkens the colour.  While at the same time protecting it with steam. 100% Natural no chemicals are added. Thermowood is  Medium to Dark Brown in Colour. Thermowood is an environmentally friendly and fully recyclable product. It remains dimensionally stable and the moisture content is also permanently reduced. The moisture content decreases to around 4-6 percent and does not react to changes in humidity drastically as untreated Timber. The cells of wood are modified and that caused changes in the wood characteristics. Resin is removed from the Timber and the process also decreases water absorption. Therefore it is a more durable Timber and making it ideal for outside use.

Delivery Information

All of Our Products will be delivered with an additional Horn.  Top and Bottom for Garage Doors and Doors. Bottom for Gates, This is for Transport purposes, to protect the corners and will need to be removed before Treating and Hanging.

The Delivery Charge is for UK Mainland Only.

All of our Products are Wrapped with Corrugated Card and Shrink Wrapped with Foam Protectors on each Corner, for Delivery.

All of our Products are made to order for an up to date timescale for Manufacturing have a look on our Home page where it will be up to date.

If you need anything quicker than the time stated please contact us as we might be able to fit your order in for a quicker delivery.

We have an annual Shut down for 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year.


We use a Courier to deliver all our products, so will need a contact number with all purchases.

All our Deliveries take place From Monday to Friday. Saturdays can be arranged, please contact us for additional cost.

When an order is Placed we will make contact to confirm order and give an Estimated Delivery Date, this is usually done via Email.

We can not Guarantee a Time for Delivery, but we will make contact once the order has been dispatched to make the customer aware of delivery day.

If there are any delivery instructions or special requests needed for delivery please let us know as soon as possible, preferably when the order is placed.

If unfortunately your order is damaged in transit, please sign for as damaged.

If you are using a Trades man to fit your order, in our experience it is best to await the arrival of your order before arranging for them to be fitted, Due to the rare occasions that the courier is late with delivery or damaged in transit.

Renewable Resources

All of our timber is purchased from companies which are signatories to the Timber Trade Federations Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP). Which are accredited with Chain of Custody for both FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certification schemes for wood and wooden products.